Monday, November 22, 2010

Collaborative Paintings, Art Exhibits and Diptychs... Oh My!

Hello blogger friends! As you will see, Angel and I have been very busy painting away finishing up our Childhood diptychs and collaborative paintings for group exhibits in Ft Lauderdale and Miami. Here they are:

Childhood Diptych 
Label Scar (Angel) and Memories of Bobo (Stephanie)

Our Collaborative Paintings:

My Sweet Sixteen, oil and mixed media on paper
1310 Gallery, Love Thy Liberty 
September, 2010

1984, oil on canvas
Bear and Bird Gallery, Monsters Under My Bed
October, 2010

Frontline, Oil on paper
1310 Gallery, Hopes and Hand Grenades 
November, 2010

That Which Is Imagined Can Never Be Lost, oil on watercolor paper
Through the Eyes of Love, Miami International University of Art and Design
December, 2010

I have enjoyed working on these collaborative pieces. The process for us is very organic and natural.  We start off with sketches, then they are combined together. After the sketch is finalized we begin painting at the same time, switching sides back and forth until the painting is done.

To read more about our process, Colleen Dougher from City Link wrote an article about us in Art Murmur:

What's next for us? A two-lady show! In the new year, we will be showing our Beyond Reflection series at the Art Center. We will keep you posted!

Happy Holidays to everyone!


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