Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reincarnation, Circus, Circus and an Exquisite Corpse

Greetings Janus Bridge Fans, this is Stephanie checking in to update you on news and events coming up for us.  We are excited about our long-awaited upcoming two-woman show "Beyond Reflection". Angel and I have been working diligently on all the works for this show for over a year now and we are happy to be exhibiting it where we met, at the ArtCenter/South Florida.

The Past

Lovers "lock" themselves to the Ponte Vecchio, in Firenze, Italy and of course, Oscar Wilde

Currently we are working on three collaborative pieces. We decided that our theme for these pieces would be our visions of the past, present and future. For our "Past", reincarnation would be the main theme for us and we thought it would be fun to paint who we thought we were in a past life. I, of course was Oscar Wilde in Russia! One of my favorite writers and artistic inspirations. Angel decided to choose one of her relatives from Italy in full period costume, with Italy as her backdrop.

The Present

The Acrobat meets The Wolfboy! ALIVE! 
At the moment, we are finishing up our "Present" collaborative painting. This painting we wanted to have fun with. So, what was our inspiration? The circus! Although, not huge fans of the circus, Angel and I both adore vintage circus posters. Since, we feel that at times we live in a circus, we thought it would be a "tongue-n-cheek" fun approach to express how we feel about our lives in the present. This painting is stylistically different because there is a lot of text and designing involved in the composition. I enjoy writing in calligraphy, so I though this would be a great opportunity to include it.

The Future
The Surrealists
For the future collaboration, we thought it would be interesting to try something that we both have never done before. We decided to create an "Exquisite Corpse". A technique created by the Surrealists during the 1920's. Check out these interesting links to learn more about it!

Stay tuned for more artwork news!

Yours truly,