Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now we really get into trouble....

Welcome to the Janus Bridge Art Blog!

Miami artists Angelica Clyman and Stephanie Rodriguez have joined forces! Our blog will document our progress as we create the "Beyond Reflection" series.

"Beyond Reflection" is a series of self-portraits that examine our own identities. Identity isn't something merely internal - different experiences draw out the various aspects of who we are. Exploring these contexts give us a better understanding of the nature of the self.

Why Portraits? Well, first of all, we specialize in portraiture and figure painting. The body is an external reflection of the internal forces within. We can see the signs of thought and emotion as well as the effects of experience, in a body gesture or facial expression. Portraits have an unique power to grasp the viewer, allowing us to impolitely stare with curiosity - a privilege only art can allow us.

Portraits have also included symbols that tell us more about the individual and the stories they carry. We are interested in that kind of visual narrative because it allows us to bring to life our own versions of archetypal themes. We decided to paint diptychs that would each explore a singular topic. The first theme was an "inner landscape", describing our perceptions of each other. It served as an exercise to get to know each other, so that our collaboration could grow from a deeper understanding of our inspirations, values and aesthetic language.

At the top of this posting is Stephanie's painting "Angel's Lost Serenade" and Angel's painting "Stephanie's Internal Crossroad".

We hope you enjoy our first blog and don't be shy to leave a comment!
More to come....

- Angel and Stephanie

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